Rainey Street – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

Is Rainey Street better than 6th Street?

If you are looking for a bar/music scene, I would recommend Rainey street over 6th St. It had a good mix of young and old. Plenty of cool music and food and a good variety of placed to try out.


What street has the best nightlife in Austin?

Rainey Street is distinctly Austin and the new hip party district in town. With its colorful and bustling array of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, it’s a sure bet for experiencing local characters and the vibrancy of the city.


Is Rainey Street the best entertainment district?

Today, Rainey is a popular night-out destination for locals, tourists, and so many bachelor and bachelorette parties. For a relaxed evening, visit Lustre Pearl, a Rainey Street original.


Is Rainey Street Austin safe at night?

Since 2014, there have been five late night/overnight drownings near the Rainey Street Trailhead area. Three previous drownings that occurred between 2014 and 2018 were fully investigated and ruled accidental.


Where is the main party area in Austin?

Rainey Street the hottest spot for Austin’s nightlife scene. If you’re looking for nighttime action, head to Rainey Street, arguably one of the most famous nightlife districts in Austin.